The Diana Initiative 2021: Talk Slides!

So thrilled to have given my talk, The N00bHacker’s Guide to the InfoSec Galaxy this year at The Diana Initiative! I created a resource for newbies like myself to gain knowledge through gamified and free resources available online. In addition, there was a fun challenge running through the talk–so if you need another gander to find all the hidden clues, or if you just want to get a look at these great resources, here is a link to the presentation. Happy Hacking!


BSides Tampa Slides

I spoke at BSides Tampa 2021 digital conference today on the topic of Building a Crypto-Cracking Coder Kid!

There’s a treasure hunt that runs through it–so I am linking the slides here in case anyone wants to go back through it to solve it. DM me on Twitter at @eat_math_love with what the flag says, and if you are one of the first to solve it, I will send you a copy of Backdoors and Breaches from Black Hills Information Security.

You can find my slides HERE.

Have fun!